Data repositories

The information systems are still complex and heterogeneous. The data is more and more numerous and comes from different applications (RH, CRM, Accounting, …). How to ensure a reliable data within the Organization, if the data is duplicated in several systems ?

To solve this problem, it is necessary to allow an organization to put in place unique data references, called to be consumed by different business applications.

These references must be able to evolve in time by an automatic detection, in these same business applications, new items (requests for creation) of the references or items erroneous and therefore absent from the references.
It is also interesting to centralize the creation requests to simplify the maintenance, and to control the quality of the data entered in the information system.
Example of maintenance loop

The organization has a data reference (managed by Dawizz or by another MDM tool) that must be used by all business applications.

When business applications use data not present in the reference, these data are automatically identified and injected into the reference, but only after validation of a moderator/referent/administrator.

For questions of quality of the data, it is possible only to identify and highlight the data of business applications outside the unique reference.