Server cleaning

The goal is to enable an organization to set up a process of data cleansing (Data cleansing / Data cleaning).

Each entity has sensitive data. These data can be related to its own activity (intellectual property, know-how, etc.) or to its clients, managed or users (personal data, contracts, etc.). In order to protect them effectively, it is necessary to identify them.

Based on the list of detected sensitive data, it will be possible to determine on which components of the information system they are located (databases, file shares, workstations, etc.). These components correspond to the critical servers and workstations for the organization. At this point, they must make the necessary security measures to the cleansing, backup, logging, access, etc.

This type of process can make use of several profiles within the same organization :

RSSI/DPO : to define the sensitive data

The business references : to validate and define the actions to take on the sensitive data
The advantages
Enhanced user interface to request the business references in the actions to take (archive, deletion, preservation)
Analysis on limited or small volumes of data
Analysis of data from multiple languages
Deployable in SaaS or On-Premise mode
Data Cleaning steps
Server cleaning
1. Prepare the audit

Configure the process of cleansing by activating the concepts to be searched

2. Automate

Launch and automate the audits on the volumes of data to be analyzed

3. Validate the actions

Request the business references to state on the actions to take on the sensitive data

4. Clean Up / Archive

Perform the actions of archiving, deletion of the sensitive data sources