Server cleaning

The goal is to enable an organization to set up a process of data cleansing (Data cleansing / Data cleaning).

The solution that cleans up the content of your servers and optimizes the preservation of your data.
MyDataCleaning is one of the options we have packaged from our MyDataCatalogue platform, to provide you with a ready-to-use solution for addressing your data cleaning issues.

An agile platform to regain control

Administration console

The platform natively integrates an up-to-date repository that allows organizations to exercise data control that is relevant to their business and regulatory environment.
This repository can be flexibly enriched by internal teams, with the support of Dawizz experts or in complete autonomy.
An automated cleaning process is proposed by default, with a kinematics that can be
reconfigured to meet your security policy.

Supervision console

The platform offers a complete tool for monitoring data cleaning campaigns with user management, configuration of in situ analyses, monitoring, statistics production, etc.

Business portal

Our experience has led us to establish a simplified user interface that allows business users to quickly validate a cleaning campaign without requiring technical skills.
Data Cleaning steps
Server cleaning
1. Prepare the audit

Configure the process of cleansing by activating the concepts to be searched

2. Automate

Launch and automate the audits on the volumes of data to be analyzed

3. Validate the actions

Request the business references to state on the actions to take on the sensitive data

4. Clean Up / Archive

Perform the actions of archiving, deletion of the sensitive data sources

Concrete and immediate benefits

Reduced risk of data leakage

  • A reduction in the surface area of exposure
  • The ability to isolate useful data to store (traceability) without requiring them to be stored in an open network access
  • A granularity of reporting allowing the identification of targeted opportunities for awareness/education operations
  • An automatic attribution of data sensitivity levels
  • A better understanding of business practices to detect any risky behaviors
  • A possibility of 100% on-premise implementation within your secure architecture

Increased level of compliance

  • Pre-existing/complementary repositories
  • An automatic inventory of PII and sensitive data
  • Setting of alert thresholds
  • Multilingual analysis
  • Limitation of false positives
  • Facilitated awareness with business users
  • A collaborative approach with business users to describe PII-related processing
  • A flexible managerial reporting allowing the measurement of the effectiveness of organizational actions according to different KPIs
  • Monitoring of indicator and practice developments over time

Implementation of a responsible digital policy

  • By avoiding the laborious search for information and optimizing data management, mapping. A concrete way to combat information overload related to the proliferation of data and their backups
  • A functioning at both the central and agency network levels
  • A distributed tool, which allows by its use to sensitize the «final» actors in contact with the customers
  • A « sober by design » technique (unique technique without indexing requiring data duplication)
  • The ability to measure storage space gains for each cleaning campaign, at the desired granularity level

i.e. data cleaning saves time and productivity, allowing you to focus on higher value-added activities.
What our customers say about our solution
After actions taken on structured data, at the community and private IS level, GDPR and the SSI CARS project require us to be able to classify unstructured data (in office servers, messaging) in order to define their level of risk and the conservation rules to apply.
[...] The objective was to find a tool that could scan our servers according to our management criteria, raise alerts, and even allow us to purge and bring our office servers into compliance. Our market research led us to select the solution proposed by Dawizz.
[...] The development of a user interface optimized for our use cases made it easy to deploy the service, resulting in a release of 95% of the disk space used in the targeted area. In addition to our primary objective of compliance and security, deleting files allows us to contribute to the bank's CSR objectives in terms of the positive carbon impact of our actions...
Caisse Régionale de Normandie