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Dawizz will soon exhibit at the Vivatech trade show.

7 juin 2023

Pauline Lagarde

Event Cybersécurité

In the framework of the 7th edition of Vivatech, Dawizz presents its MyDataCatalogue platform and its new features, offering organizations the key to future data governance. Dive into the core issues of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, from cybersecurity to AI, and explore how Dawizz innovates to meet the specific needs of private and public organizations. Discover in our article how AI is transforming data management and opening up exciting new perspectives.

Vivatech, an Exceptional Event!

Le Village by CA has selected Dawizz, a rapidly growing IT publisher, to exhibit at the 7th edition of the Vivatech trade show. This event, taking place from June 14th to 17th, 2023, at Paris expo Porte de Versailles, will showcase the latest technological innovations and bring together major players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Dawizz, a company based in Vannes (56), is the publisher of the MyDataCatalogue platform, designed to support private and public organizations in their data governance and cybersecurity initiatives. Founded in 2017 by Stéphane Le Lionnais and David Guiodo, this company boasts several dozen clients spanning various sectors, including public administrations, banks & insurance, manufacturing groups, and many more.

Here are the major partners of Vivatech 2023

Vivatech 2023 partners Source VIVATECH

Public sector partners of Vivatech Source VIVATECH

The 2023 edition of Vivatech highlights several themes, including artificial intelligence, energy transition and climate tech, diversity and inclusion in business, sports, and the 2024 Paris Olympics, cybersecurity, and Web3. These topics take center stage in discussions and presentations during the event, providing an overview of the latest advancements and trends in these fields.

Cybersecurity, Data Governance, Data Cataloging: Tech Challenges Mastered by Dawizz

Dawizz will have the opportunity to exhibit at the Village by CA booth alongside fifteen other selected companies/startups, covering an area of 193m². We will engage directly with you on topics such as cybersecurity, data governance, data cataloging, and the challenges faced by your organizations. We will also offer demonstrations of the MyDataCatalogue platform to immerse you in familiar use cases on a platform designed for collaborative work among different roles within an organization.

Dawizz has recently restructured its offerings to better align with expectations and now offers a range of solutions grouped into various "packages" to more efficiently address issues related to data governance and cybersecurity. These solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of organizations and are easy to implement and use.

Through a single installation of the MyDataCatalogue platform developed by Dawizz, organizations can now deploy one or more options that correspond to the most common use cases quickly and at their own pace. Additionally, our team of experts works closely with clients to customize platform features according to their specific needs.

MyDataCatalogue Interface during a data anonymization campaign MyDataCatalogue Interface during a data anonymization campaign

AI at the Heart of the 7th Edition of Vivatech

VivaTech, which aims to host 2,400 startups this year and expand its space by 20%, strives to attract more visitors for its seventh edition. Artificial intelligence (AI) takes center stage in technology news and will also be one of the main themes discussed on the stages of VivaTech.

MyDataCatalogue, positioned at the forefront of innovation, now integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into its data governance solution. Thanks to AI, Dawizz offers advanced features to help private and public organizations efficiently manage their data. AI, in particular, facilitates the identification, classification, and protection of sensitive data by automating tedious tasks and providing intelligent recommendations. Machine learning algorithms also optimize data governance processes by identifying patterns and trends, offering valuable insights for decision-making. With this AI-based approach, Dawizz provides organizations with powerful tools to ensure compliance, strengthen cybersecurity, and maximize the value of their data while reducing risks.

The event will provide an exceptional platform for Dawizz to showcase its MyDataCatalogue platform and demonstrate its relevance in data governance to potential partners and visitors interested in new technologies. Discover in our article how Dawizz is reshaping the future of data governance.