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DAWIZZ Present on the Bretagne Pavilion at FIC in Lille

4 avril 2023

Pauline Lagarde

DAWIZZ Presents Its Data Governance and Data Security Solutions at FIC 2023

Dawizz, the Vannes based (56) publisher of the MyDataCatalogue platform, is dedicated to supporting private and public organizations in their data governance and cybersecurity initiatives. Founded in 2017 by Stéphane Le Lionnais and David Guiodo, the company has clients in various sectors, including banking, insurance, healthcare, industry, and more...

Looking Back at the Bretagne Pavilion at FIC 2023 after Two Enriching Participations!

In 2020, Dawizz participated for the first time in the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC), Europe's leading event in cybersecurity. This inaugural participation was a success for the company, as it had the opportunity to present its cybersecurity and data governance solutions to a professional audience in the field of IT security.

Since that first participation, Dawizz has continued to expand. The company has structured its offerings and now provides Data Governance and Cybersecurity solutions under different "packages." These are tailored solutions that meet specific needs, are quick to deploy, and easy for organizations to use.

With a single deployment of the MyDataCatalogue platform developed by Dawizz, it is possible to implement one or more options that correspond to the most common use cases, all at the organization's own pace. Moreover, it is possible to collaborate with our experts to configure the functional modules of the platform to the specific needs of each organization.

Booth Bretagne FIC 2023

An Opportunity to Present Ready-to-Use Packaged Solutions Designed for Organizations!

This year, Dawizz is once again participating in FIC to present its ready-to-use cybersecurity and data governance solutions. Dawizz will present, among other things:

  • MyDataCleaning: Which cleans up server content and optimizes data storage.
  • MyDataMapping: Which facilitates information access, improves performance management, and thereby aids in decision-making.
  • MyDataAnonymizer: Which ensures data confidentiality while preserving data usability.

Dawizz will also showcase its data governance solutions, which enable organizations to better manage their data and comply with data protection regulations. They cover the entire data lifecycle, from mapping to the establishment of a repository, anonymization, and data quality management. These solutions are tailored to the specific needs of organizations while ensuring great flexibility and rapid implementation of the solutions. Organizations can quickly reap the benefits of efficient data management, without going through a lengthy and complex process.

Dawizz firmly believes that cybersecurity and data governance are key challenges for businesses and organizations. The company's participation in FIC 2023 will be an opportunity to present its packaged solutions and meet IT security professionals to exchange best practices in cybersecurity and data governance.

What Are the Benefits of a Data Governance Platform for CISOs/CIOs?

In a context where the creation, exchange, and storage of data are growing exponentially, a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) responsible for defining and ensuring the implementation of security policies must be omnipresent in prevention, analysis, and response.

As Alain Bouillé (CISO of Caisse des Dépôts) points out, "The European GDPR regulation helps companies identify personal data, but there is still much to do for other digital data."

To be effective, the CISO must analyze data from the IT environment more finely. Dawizz's solution for automatic data cataloging and mapping allows CISOs/CIOs of companies and public institutions to make strategic decisions confidently, with a data-oriented "protection" risk management approach that also optimizes performance.

What Operational Risks Does the MyDataCatalogue Platform Cover?

Risk mapping is the cornerstone of any information system security action plan. It aims to define all the necessary actions to achieve a residual risk level that can be knowingly accepted at the right decision-making level. The main challenge for a CISO is to prioritize vulnerabilities accurately and avoid compromising credibility by issuing false alerts that waste colleagues' time. Therefore, to secure data effectively, one must first ask the question: What needs protection? And the answer inevitably involves a precise and exhaustive inventory of the data present in the information assets.

Interested in all these topics?

The Dawizz team looks forward to seeing you at FIC, so don't hesitate to visit us at the Brittany Pavilion! You can click here for more information about FIC. Discover the article by Bretagne Développement Innovation to learn more about the Brittany Pavilion.