Dawizz, a cybersecurity actor, on Wavestone's radar for 4 years.

12 janvier 2023

Cybersécurité Gouvernance

Dawizz, a cybersecurity actor, on Wavestone's radar for 4 years.

For the fourth consecutive year, Dawizz is listed in Wavestone's cybersecurity ecosystem radar. A closer look at the purpose of Dawizz in a context where cybersecurity is becoming main topic.

Overall view of a rich ecosystem.

The challenges of cybersecurity are so important and current that the recognition of the work provided by Dawizz motivates us even more to support companies and organizations by offering our solutions.


Wavestone and Le Hub BPI have been able to present the different players in cybersecurity on one support in 6 main categories:

  • Data (in which you can find Dawizz)
  • Applications
  • New Technologies
  • Network
  • Cybercriminals
  • Risk Management and compliance
  • Users and their Devices

Increasing needs for companies and public organizations.

The needs are becoming important as the number of attacks is growing. CNIL reported in 2021 on a 79% increase in data breaches in one year, and the trend continues! "Protect the sensitive information of your company" warns the government in late 2022. It is a reality, the road ahead is still long for total security of companies, but by implementing strategies and actions for data protection, and by having efficient tools, each organization can best prepare for cyberattacks.

How to be sure to master and protect your data?

Cyber resilience is a current term. Everyone is responsible for protecting the data they generate, store, use and must implement a data protection plan. All organizations must now integrate cyber risk management into their strategic management and answer these questions: How can we be sure to be well equipped and well protected? Are we capable of facing a cyber attack? Do we have an action plan to get activities back on track in case of attack?

An important territory of cybersecurity expertise.

Thanks to this Wavestone radar, you can identify the major players in cybersecurity in France. The time is now for digital sovereignty. The delicate economic and political context in which companies and organizations operate requires even more a data protection strategy. Mastering your defense chain is essential. This is where Dawizz comes in, because we believe that governing your data heritage is better protecting it.

Dawizz's data governance platform.

Our platform, MyDataCatalogue, allows among other things to automatically create a map of the data of your Information System. In any data protection plan elaboration, there is a mapping step beforehand. It is a fundamental step carried out by the DSI, CISO or DPO of your organization.

To facilitate the implementation of a data governance strategy, we have also packaged several ready-to-use solutions that meet the needs of most companies:

• Cleaning up server content • Simplifying the exercise of the right to information • Anonymizing data • Ensuring data quality • Implementing data recovery plans • Implementing data protection regulations • Supporting data protection audits • Supporting data protection certifications