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CoTer Digital Congress : Achieving Digital Sobriety with MyDataCatalogue

30 juin 2023

Pauline Lagarde

The 32nd edition of the CoTer Digital Congress took place on June 20th and 21st in Deauville, bringing together IT decision-makers from local authorities around the theme of "digital sobriety." This event provided Dawizz with an opportunity to meet its clients, future clients, partners, and industry stakeholders to exchange ideas about data governance.

A Commitment to Digital Sobriety:

This year, the CoTer Digital Congress highlighted digital sobriety, "a continuous improvement approach aimed at reducing the ecological, economic, and social footprint of information and communication technologies." Dawizz actively embraced this path by offering innovative solutions that promote responsible data governance.

Entrance of the CoTer in Deauville

MyDataCatalogue and OpenAudit, the Flagship Solutions of the Ellipsys and Dawizz Collaboration:

At booth 84, the teams from Dawizz and Ellipsys showcased the interoperable solutions of the company: MyDataCatalogue and OpenAudit.

OpenAudit : Simplifying Information Systems

Ellipsys' solution, OpenAudit, allows for massive and iterative simplification of information systems by identifying unused, duplicated, or non-operational elements, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. This approach aligns perfectly with the goal of digital sobriety by optimizing the use of IT resources and minimizing waste.

MyDataCatalogue : Operational Data Governance

Dawizz's platform, MyDataCatalogue, offers a practical implementation of data governance, whether the data is structured or unstructured. With this solution, data cleansing on servers is industrialized, enabling better management and a reduction in obsolete or duplicate data. This contributes to more efficient resource utilization and responsible information management.

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Dawizz at the CoTer Digital Congress

Technical and Functional Workshop Dedicated to Digital Sobriety:

During the congress, Stéphane LE LIONNAIS, co-founder of DAWIZZ, hosted a Technical and Functional Workshop highlighting a customer experience. Titled "Example of a Server Cleansing Project with the MyDataCatalogue Solution," this workshop illustrated how simplifying recurring tasks related to data cleansing can free up employees from low-value-added tasks and improve efficiency in accessing and storing documents.

The Dawizz team is delighted with these two days at the event and looks forward to seeing you again in 2024 for the next 33rd edition of the CoTer Digital Congress in La Rochelle!