A "back cover" for your data

8 décembre 2022

Stéphane Le Lionnais

Data Governance

According to Gartner, a data catalog is a tool that keeps track of a company's data by discovering, describing, and organizing it. It can be compared to a library, where metadata (such as classification, author, and subject) is used to easily locate a book (or data in an information system).

Why not go further and use the concept of a book's back cover in a data catalog?

Just as a back cover can pique someone's curiosity and motivate them to learn more, explore, or even purchase a book, a data catalog can do the same by providing a more in-depth understanding of the data it catalogs.

Dawizz takes this approach by not only retrieving automatic metadata related to the container (such as tables) but also creating metadata related to the content (records). In this way, Dawizz's data catalog becomes more engaging for users, making it easier for them to access and understand the organization's data assets. And rather than simply extracting samples, Dawizz's algorithms and AI models are used to further describe the data in detail.