Data Governance – Our Topic this Autumn 2019!

3 septembre 2019

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Data governance is our topic this autumn

It is hard to separate the words data and governance, such is their connection. Governance is the action of governing and is a way of managing and administrating an organization or system. Applied to the notion of data, one can quickly grasp the power of data governance.

Why implement a data governance policy?

There are several reasons, but here is a rundown of the main purposes:

  • Data quality: to improve the data quality and integrity and provide better metadata management.
  • Data compliance: to meet regulations: GDPR, adhering to the legal time limitations for the storage of data.
  • Data sharing: to make it easier to use and share data.
  • Data security: to provide a framework for data collection, use, management, and who has access to it.

What is the purpose of data governance?


Data governance